About me

Bart Torensma

Born in 1985 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and since 2009 working as a freelance Aneasthesiologist assistant (CRNA).

During my work as a freelance Aneasthesiologist assistant, I wanted to increase my knwoledgde in the medical world, which is why I started the Master of Science Clinical Epidemiology (AMC, Amsterdam) study in which I have been working since 2014.

Since 2014 I am a PhD candidate at the LUMC Leiden, the Netherlands. Topic: “Peri-operative care in Obesity”
I gain a lot of experience in different hospitals and clinics, so that I continue to increase my knowledge and skills.

Characteristics of mine are: Interested, keen intuition, good listening, critical, result-oriented, disciplined and innovative.

2019: Board member Daily board as treasurer for the Federa.

2018: Board member General Board Association for Epidemiologists

As a board member I will focus on the CCMO group (Within the EU people are busy optimizing and streamlining the research climate for testing new medicines. This is done, among other things, by harmonizing the national medical ethical review procedures). Also at the COREON group (COREON was established to follow the developments concerning the legislation for doing human research and, if possible, to play a role in this process.

NVAM: Dutch Association for Anesthesia Employees
IEA: International Epidemiological Association
ESA: European Society of Aneasthesiology
DSMBS: Dutch Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery
ESPCOP: European Society for Periodic Care of the Obese Patient
IFSO: International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders.
VVE: Association for Epidemiology