PhD project

Here you will find information about my PhD topics. For questions or more information for a presentation you can always contact me.

Study 1:
Pain sensitivity and pain scoring in patients with morbid obesity.

Study 2:
Pain perception in the obese subjects a systematic review.

Study 3:
Effect of deep neuromuscular block on intraoperative surgical conditions, perioperative hemodynamic status and respiratory parameters following reversal with Sugammadex in obese patients undergoing laparoscopic RYGB.

Study 4:
Incidence of pre- and post-operative chronic pain in 3928 bariatric patients.

Study 5:
Corneal nerve fiber quantification and sensory testing identifies subgroups in patients with morbid obesity

Study 6:
Incidence of the internal herniation after an RYGB and the predictive ability of the CT scan as a diagnostic tool in 3262 patients with morbid obesity.

Study 7:
Evaluation of the TOF CUFF for perioperative neuromuscular transmission monitoring during recovery or moderate and deep neuromuscular block compared to acceleromyography and electromyography.