Clinical Epidemiologist

Since 2014 I have completed my doctoral thesis and thus the Master of Clinical Epidemiologist (MSc / Drs) (PhD.C) at the University of Amsterdam, faculty of medicine. That makes me an independent clinical scientific researcher. Using the methods and techniques of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics.

Work of an epidemiologist overview

As part of my work, I guide statistical and methodological issues for scientific projects / studies, article analyzes and database building for medical specialists, Resedents, docter in training  and nurses. In 2014 I did N = 106, 2015 N = 158 consultations for the OLVG hospital the Netherlands. I also select and supervise about 15 science students a year in their internship for the OLVG in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Since 2016 ±N = 54 consultations/ year for various parties from the Netherlands and abroad.

From 2017, I will also help with the complete design, implementation and / or supervision of scientific studies for medical specialists from different departments from the Netherlands and abroad.